Storage365 is an advanced marketplace that connects people or businesses with additional storage capacity with other people or businesses in demand for a flexible storage solution. With a fully digital platform, Storage365 is the first “peer-to-peer” storage platform in Sweden and helps to create an efficient market for under-utilized storage space.




Rebranding, Renewed design, Front-end and UX/UI, System optimization, Cloud based back-end, Seed fund raising -8 mSEK

Storage365 approached us with a great vision and an MVP product in the beginning of 2018. The idea was simply to build a platform for peer to peer rental of storage spaces - An Airbnb for storage - to use a simple digital metaphor. We helped them to raise seed money, including venture funding for advertising purposes from our partners, Aggregate media and then we set out to follow a product roadmap that we developed in close collaboration with the team of founders.

Our main focus has been to develop a product where hosts are provided with an easy to use platform to advertise their available storage and thereby get access to a wide audience of prospective renters. With limited resources available we still had to emphasize security and integrity with a seamless digital payment and booking solution that minimized administration, transaction costs and risk of fraud in order to help the business take off.

In addition to the actual fundraising and development work, we also helped S365 with a valuable addition to the Board of Directors through our network. We matched them with Öjje Holt, who was part of Spotify’s team when the business took off in the early 2010s before he engaged in other projects, for example co-founding digital success cases Acast and Metal Casino.

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