Sveriges Television (SVT) is the Swedish public service television company with the widest range of programming in Sweden. Their vision is to contribute to a more inquisitive, informed Sweden, with the aim to create content that engages, entertains and enriches - in the service of the public, while always securing “best value for money”, given their public funding, based on a public service fee that is collected as a tax from 2019.


Sveriges Television SVT


Management level support in procuring and implementing new digital solutions for SVT core services

SVT is a limited company owned by a foundation, but given its public service status and tax based funding it has to act in accordance with the Swedish public procurement act. This means that Levels won the contract in an open and highly competitive procurement process based on our deep understanding of digital transformation within media and broadcasting more specifically.

The overall challenge and scope of the assignment, is that SVT manages large amounts of content in all parts of the organization and market conditions are literally changing on a daily basis. To meet the ever growing needs of managing media assets, we helped SVT to acquire a new media management platform. This encompasses everything from gathering the needs of the organization, formulating a complex system specification, through a public procurement process in the form of a descriptive dialog, to initializing several project initiatives based on the acquired platform solution.

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