Levels offers integrated and full services within design and development of digital products and services ranging from deep tech to UX/UI and branding. As an added value we also provide advisory services for raising seed and venture equity, as well as for corporate venturing.



    Developer and designer roles at all levels
    Management consulting
    Interim management roles
    Programme and project management
    Digital Strategy development and deployment
    Roadmap development and implementation
    Digital product and service development
    Long-term service and support assignments


    Product and service specifications
    Brand identity and design
    Full stack digital development
    Mobile and app development
    Deep expertise within Android and iOS
    All aspects of digital design and UX/UI
    Performance driven design


    Assisting clients in formal corporate matters
    Designing corporate structure and events
    Equity fundraising and secondary offerings
    Pitch and presentation design
    Investment memorandums
    Incentive programmes for venture teams
    Corporate venturing

CONSULTING & STRATEGYMost of our major clients are organisations that are either born digital or have seen digital transformation change the fundamentals within their industry over the last decade.

Digital transformation is not just another buzz word, it is something that affects more and more people and organizations by the day. We have seen complete changes of fundamentals, within many industries such as media, entertainment, retail, financial services, travel and transportation by firms such as Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, iZettle, Airbnb and Uber to just mention a few.

At Levels we are part of this change every day by helping our clients to navigate their industries, seize new opportunities while also mitigating risks. This happens at many levels, but few projects have the chance to succeed without the proper strategy, planning and implementation. Today this means an agile approach that take the constant of change into account in real time, helping individuals, teams, functions and business areas to collaborate on innovation and development in order to stay competitive.

We can provide management support or highly experienced consultants, specialists and teams for most situations in this context. If you want to get a better understanding of how we can help you and your organization, you can read more about some of our assignments here or just reach out to me by phone or email.

DESIGN & DEVELOPMENTWe work with a large number of clients ranging from small and medium sized businesses to large corporates, where digital development is an important and integral part of strategy.

In short, our business centers around helping clients to develop new products and services in a digital context. The foundations for what we do are driven strongly by needs for business development, communications, systems integration, cost savings and increased productivity. We work across all industries with a wide range of clients on assignments of various sorts, scope and size. A common denominator for all our client interactions however, is to create lasting change over time.

In order to do that we need to develop long-term relationships with our clients that are built upon first of all, mutual respect and trust, but also mutual understanding of our businesses, values and different roles. This means close interaction and collaboration over time, but also that each party needs to focus on contributing with their expertise and experience to any project and assignment in order to create change and build value.

Each and one of our assignments could be symbolized by the journey through and over the valley of death with mutual views of visionary clarity, as well as frustration and challenging obstacles to overcome and its only when we find true collaboration that we reach the desired quality, targets and effects we set out for. If you want to explore this further you can read more about some of our journeys here, give me a call or drop me a line.

VENTURING & INVESTMENTSDriving innovation means that we often get in contact with startups, early stage ventures, scaleups and potential corporate venturing projects.

Maybe the phenomena that is mostly linked to the whole story and implications of the valley of death is the start-up or the venture. All of the companies in the digital space that have become so called Unicorns can testify on a number of “near death” experiences on their way to becoming what they are today. There might have been lack of customers, funding, team members or resources in general or all of the above that created conflict, fear and despair at times. However, what they also have in common is that they all found their ways to overcome these challenges and the most common answer they all give is collaboration and truly working hard together as a team.

There are no ventures that succeed from pure luck, even if some of that on the way is nice to have. No, there is always more of hard work involved and that is where we can come in as a true partner to a start-up or venture and ease the burden in a number of areas, primarily when it comes to funding. We have the experience, expertise and network to advise our clients on how to get the foundations in place with anything from corporate structure to incentive programs and proper governance.

In our approach we also have the benefit of working with trusted partners outside of Levels that enhances our offering and providing support in more areas than just funding. However, having our design and tech team close is probably our best advantage and almost all of our venture clients have eventually found themselves receiving valuable and in many cases, mission critical support, from us in these areas as well. Please read more here or just get in touch in order to discuss how we could be of help to take your venture to the next level.



Finding, recruiting, developing and retaining digital talent is a challenge to most organizations, as it is for talents to find and secure the most interesting professional opportunities.